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In the News

Read news stories featuring the research behind Teen Driver Source and evidence-based resources.

Rethinking Cell Phone Use While Driving: Isolated Risk Behavior or Pattern of Risk-Taking?

Watch Elizabeth Walshe, PhD talk about important research she conducted to help prevent distracted driving in this webinar recording.

Can Autistic People Drive?

It's a misconception that autistic people can't drive. Here's what the latest research tells us about autism and driving.

NJM and CHOP: Advancing the Future of Teen Driver Safety

Helping to ensure children arrive home safely, NJM Insurance Group has partnered with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to support an innovative approach to driver education and virtual driving assessment. Learn about this unique program at select CHOP Primary Care locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in this compelling video.

Eagles Autism Foundation Announces 2022 Community Grants

CIRP is proud to be the recipient of a grant from the Eagles Autism Foundation to assess driver readiness among autistic adolescents.

Re-evaluating Automatic Emergency Braking

A recent IIHS study shows there is room for improvement in pedestrian detection technology and automatic emergency braking.

Science Update: Computerized Assessment May Identify New Drivers At Risk for Unsafe Driving, NIH-Funded Study Suggests

New drivers who performed poorly on a computerized driving simulator were more likely to fail their road test, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health.